How to play

The main goal of the game is to kill other players and get their HON !

To do that you play a Wasp that shoots bullets, you can even teleport to dodge other players bullets.

During your journey you will meet diferent enemies and items which will help you or kill you.

• Move : z,q,s,d or Arrows

• Aim : mouse or trackpad.

• Shoot : left click.

• Teleport : space bar.

• Enemies :

• Flies will make their possible to kill you. If you kill them, they will drop items.

• Wasps are played by other players, they are the most powerful but you will get a lot of HON and you will be better ranked.

• Butterflies are kind enemies, they won't hurt you and if you kill them you will get X HON.

• Items :

• Honey : gives you a health bonus.

• Wasp Honey Jar : makes you move faster.

• Fire trap : you will get damages if you go through.

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