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If you want to be the best player and have more chances to be better ranked, you have the possibility to mint NFTs.
There are three types of NFTs: Guns, Shields, and Wings.
Each of them have different rarity :
• Common : 10 000 HON
Rare : 50 000 HON
Epic : 200 000 HON
Legendary: 1 000 000 HON
  • Guns will increase your fire rate.
  • Shields will give your armor to be able to survive longer.
  • Wings will increase your speed to dodge easily.
According to the NFT sale results, we'll work on upgradable Wasps.
In addition to the NFT equipment, we'll turn the Wasps into NFTs, and this way you'll be able to have different skins, and different skills and trade these NFT wasps to have better ones.