Your ranking in the game will depend on 4 factors : your kills, your elo, the number of NFT you have and their rarity.

โ€ข Your kills :

In this ranking, we only see the raw data, how many kills you have.

โ€ข Your elo :

In this ranking, we're taking into account your level based on your past performances. If you're level is better than your average level, you will get more elo point. On the contrary, you will get less elo points if you're worse than your average level.

In the future, your ranking will have 2 more factors

โ€ข Your NFTs :

Your NFT score depends on how many NFT you have, it will be higher if you have 3 NFTs than if you have only 1.

โ€ข Their rarity :

In addition to the number of NFTs you have, you will also have a rarity score. Again, this score will higher if you have a lagendary NFT.
After taking into account those factors, it will give you the final score which is a bonus for your staking. The higher your bonus is, the higher will be your staking reward.